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Bones Wheels

Bones Stf Standard 55Mm

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  • 55mm

Bones Wheels wheels are sold in sets of four, you need one set to create a complete. What size wheels are best for me? Wheels vary in color, size and durability. The way a wheel rides depends on the diameter and durometer, which all comes down to personal preference. When it comes to diameter-Smaller wheels are slower, bigger wheels are faster.
Click here for a complete break down of skateboard wheel sizes and what they offer. Bones Wheels wheels are perfect for cruising down the street or pulling some tricks at the park. BLACKOUT wheels allow you to skate like a pro because you can go harder and faster!! What else will you need to complete your Bones Stf Standard 55Mm Skateboard Wheels?
To make the perfect skateboard check out our full selection of skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard bearings, skateboard risers, skateboard hardware, and skateboard griptape. All Bones Wheels Skateboard Wheels are 100% legit and come direct from the distributors, we do not carry any knock offs on our entire site.

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Bones Stf Standard 55Mm Reviews

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Cody Lust
Details "Only Wheels I Will Ride!"

I have been riding bones stfs for about 2 years and I will never ride another wheel. I have had them in every size except the skinnys (standard 53's are my favorite) they slide, they don't flat spot, and they last. I turned a lot of my friends on these wheels and none of us have looked back. Defiantly worth the extra money over bones 100's.
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Details "Great set of wheels"

These bones stf's are a great set of wheels. Whenever I buy these they usually last me months! I never got a flat spot using bones stf wheels. They slide really good for power slides or reverts when you need them. However, they may be too slick for some surfaces, in that case you'll just need to learn to control them. Overall, they're a great set of wheels.
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