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Item: 3B187REC
  • 187 Pad Recaps Standard-Black

187 Pad Recaps Standard-Black

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187 understands how important safety is when it comes to skateboarding and they have provided a great product to help protect your wrists, elbows and knees. While you may not want to wear or buy skateboard pads, Social Skateboarding highly suggests you do. It can save a lot of skin and more. Plus, it can actuallly give you more confidence to try bigger moves and progress quicker. Other items from 187:
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187 Pad Recaps Standard-Black Reviews

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Details "Great Idea"

I love the whole idea of buying new knee pads because just because the plastic is worn out, it doesn't mean the pad itself is worn out. These re-caps can also be put on the knee's of leathers if you want some extra protection. These go on the 187 killer pads, which yes, are bulky, but provide optimum protection. They are very thick to absorb impacts, and have a sort of cupped plastic part which ca... Read Entire Review
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Details "for a certain knee pad"

these recaps are meant for 187 pro kneepads so make sure you own those before you buy them. they have velcro on the other side so they are meant for the 187 kneepads that have velcro on them. in general those kneepads are very bulky tho so i recommend the knee pads that social skatebaords has that are cheap and small
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