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Item: 3B187ELB

187 Elbow Pads X-Small

from $32.94

187 understands how important safety is when it comes to skateboarding and they have provided a great product to help protect your wrists, elbows and knees. While you may not want to wear or buy skateboard pads, Social Skateboarding highly suggests you do. It can save a lot of skin and more. Plus, it can actuallly give you more confidence to try bigger moves and progress quicker. Other items from 187:
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187 Elbow Pads X-Small Reviews

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Details "187 Killer Elbow Pads"

These are my first set of elbow pads, and after my first day out learning colemans and falling on them quite a bit, I love them. Won't skate without them now because it's so nice not jarring your elbows when you fall. A full day of skating and falling on them and they are barely scuffed.
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