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What is a good trade that goes with music?

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    What is a good trade that goes with music?
    MichaelSmith at 5/12/2018 5:16:46 AM

    Well I was originally going to go to audio engineering school in Vancouver (Nimbus), but then I thought maybe it's wisest to do a trade so I could pay for it. But maybe not? I was thinking electrical , but then I was thinking how many times will I run into a situation where I will have to use these skills? Then I thought what kinds of situations would I run into that a trade in general would be handy to have? Maybe I am thinking this all wrong. Maybe what I need to do is digital art, where artists are constantly needing logo's and album art done... Or maybe a website designer? Nah maybe not that because most people use social media platforms these days... Or not?What are your thoughts?

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