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Pulling album art out of mp3 files (to folder.jpg for example)

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    Pulling album art out of mp3 files (to folder.jpg for example)
    depprussell at 6/20/2018 4:59:45 AM

    Back to a little summer cleanup of the music collection. My OCD is making me get all the artwork cleaned up. Every album should have a folder.jpg at a minimum, and that artwork should be embedded in the mp3tag of each song in the folder. I've been using AlbumArtDownloaderXUI the past day or so which is a fantastic way to get art. The thing is, it scans the folders for missing art, but if it finds something in the folder OR mp3 it considers it good. In some cases this might be true, but over the years, I did a lot of embedding of art in the files, but wasn't concerned about the folder.jpg. Is there any program you've seen that will batch pull artwork out of mp3s? Another program I use will do it, but it's a number of keystrokes to get there, and then only one album at a time. I'm working on some other things too. I think I'm going to have to write some Perl scripts to do the rest. I want to get all my folders named "artist - year released - album name". I have almost everything in "artist - album name", so I'm going to write a script to pull the year from the mp3tag and then rename the host folder. I think with the above done, I can live with it till next year.

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