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Dell Optiplex 9020 with horrible audio issues

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    Dell Optiplex 9020 with horrible audio issues
    depprussell at 6/20/2018 5:04:30 AM

    So I got a new workstation for the office. Yay! A nice new machine for Christmas (sort of).  I installed Windows 8.1 (clean install from Microsoft ISO) on this new Optiplex 9020 and installed all the updates from Microsoft and then installed all the updates from Dell (using my dell and the support web page). Part of that is installing the Dell Realtek HD audio driver package. After installing that, the front headphone/speaker out jack produces really terrible audio or no audio when connecting headphones (that worked wonderfully with my previous Vostro 200 machine). The Dell software opens a popup to ask some really strange questions about what I plugged in (skullcandy heaphones, headphones, dell speakers, or just speakers). No matter what I choose the audio is either distorted and often missing voices or other important sounds or it is completely missing. System sounds from windows are fine. So I know the jack and the headphones work fine, it's something to do with the dell software that causes it to output this horribly distorted or filtered audio. I don't want any 'enhanced' or whatever special audio the software is trying to do, no movie mode, music mode, or anything. Just the normal sound as it is recorded. This honestly sounds so bad I am having to consider buying a sound card or digging out my old USB sound device to have a decent audio output. The rear audio output also has software issues if I don't install the Dell audio drivers. The rear output is defaulting to being some kind of treble only filtered output (no bass or mid range sound) if I don't use the Dell software. This really should not be hard. A simple DAC output of the audio as it was recorded. That's it. Anyone else have a new Optiplex with the Dell HD Audio software and terrible sound?

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    Edited by depprussell on Jun 21 2018 1:04AM