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Sector 9 Skateboards

If you're looking for flexibility, functionality and a good price in longboards, you're looking for Sector 9 Longboards. If you don't know about this brand yet, Sector 9 Longboards is one of the biggest longboard manufacturers in the USA and has been around quite longer than most of its competition. Lots of skateboarders in America have been fascinated with skateboarding through Sector 9. Sec9 has directly or indirectly invited a lot of new peeps to try and get into skateboarding. It's most fascinating to know that even those who are no longer using Sec9 will tell you that at some part of their lives, they've actually used Sector 9.  Lots of skateboarders in American were started from Sector 9 Longboard Skateboards.

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Sector 9 Slalom 75A 69Mm Ghost
"very soft. wears down quick"

this wheel will wear down like Abec 11 classic thane. it has a super super nice smooth slide. However, it may be chattery at first when new. This is one of Sector 9s best wheel other than race formula. Definitely try these out.
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Sector 9 Race 78A 72Mm Yellow Slalom
"buttery drifts"

TONS of grip when new and still a lot when slidden. They also slide super smooth. Really nice wheel for all around riding.
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