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Founded on the back of pro-skater, Darren Navarette, Creature has now widened their product line to completes, skateboard decks, short sleeve shirts, decals, grip tape, hats for reppin', beanies, toys & novelties, and DVDs for shops and rainy days. Creature is most well known due to it involvement within the NHS Funfactory, the same company that distributes Independent Trucks, OJ Wheels, and much more. As part of a company that big, Creature is able to support local shops by not selling online. To Creature, skateboarding is a prized posession that shouldn't be hoarded, but a gift, distributed to everyone.

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Creature Fu Beanie Grey/Green
"green creature beanie"

very good beanie i love it. i use it for skating, when im on the road, and im using it in the summer. in stores this beanie would be about 25 or 28 dollars but very cheap on here. very affordable. great beanie love it
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Creature Bruicidal Tendencies Complete-7.9

low price !
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