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How to Stop Your Longboard

Looking for a few tips and pointers? Check this out, How to Stop Your Longboard brought to you by Deville Skateboards. Chris McCurey and Jason Bither take us through the best ways to stop your longboard safely. These skills are essential to any downhill longboarding so listen up and learn your stuff. They take us the the beautiful hills of Phoenix where they first show us is the footbrake followed by a toeside pendulum slide and then a heelside pendulum slide.

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Check it! 2014 Hawgs Mini Zombies

For those looking for a killer.... actually undead freeride wheel checkout the 2014 Hawgs Mini Zombies wheels from Landyachtz. The new Mini Zombies come stone ground with a large core and one of the fastest roll speeds for a 70mm wheel. The rounded lip makes a consistent, easy to initiate slide with an outstanding rebound.That combined with their off set alignment make the ultimate freeriding wheel.Wether you are experienced or you're just learning to slide the Zombies are for you. With a...


The DB Cosmonaut!

The DB Cosmonaut is a longboard mainly based around freeride, and with freeriding as popular as it is, many companies are making knock-offs of others and share too many similarities to set them apart. This board is not one of them and easily sets itself apart from others.

The board is 41 inches in length, with a 28.5 inch wheelbase, 9.5 inch width at widest point (the center), and has roughly a half inch of concave. The construction is a 9-ply hybrid of maple and...