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How to Stop Your Longboard

Looking for a few tips and pointers? Check this out, How to Stop Your Longboard brought to you by Deville Skateboards. Chris McCurey and Jason Bither take us through the best ways to stop your longboard safely. These skills are essential to any downhill longboarding so listen up and learn your stuff. They take us the the beautiful hills of Phoenix where they first show us is the footbrake followed by a toeside pendulum slide and then a heelside pendulum slide.

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The Deville Lucky Lady

Today I am here to bring you a review of the Deville Lucky Lady and Lucky Lady II decks by Deville Skateboards. These two decks are twin sisters, the original green deck "Luck Lady" and the newer blue "Lucky Lady II"; the only difference of the two is the graphic on bottom and the color on top. I had a blast riding both of these boards set up with Navigator trucks, Deville Wheels and Knucklehead bearings.

These decks are constructed with, 5-plies of great l...