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Unleash Creative

Unleash Creative


Let’s unleash the creative side in each of us… or maybe the simple side if that’s your things. Available now a Social Skateboarding is a vast variety of blank decks for your choosing. Whether you like traditional popsicle stick style decks or you are more of a drop-down or even a drop-through longboarder Social has the blank deck to meet your needs. These decks are left blank and unbranded so you can truly unleash every drop of creative sweat you've got. Take deck graphic design to an all time personalization high with these blank decks. Not only do you get the chance to customize the graphic to your liking you also get to choose your deck. We have longboards in a variety, with kicktails, drop-through, drop-down and cruiser options. We also have an excellent variety of traditional shapes in different widths and lengths, just check out the specs in their titles. 

 These blanks while unbranded are the same high quality you get with our wide array of branded decks. They are built following high solid construction standards with quality maple and epoxies.  These blank decks are made to last for a lifetime of thrashing, racing, cruising and any kind and level of freestyle you can throw at them.

You can go crazy with your creative side to finish out the deck in the style of your choosing, sticker bombing the heck out of it or keeping it nice and simple. Another pro to these blank decks is that they come grip free leaving you as the rider free to choose the tape you prefer right from the start. In addition to teaming these decks up with your choice of grip you also get the opportunity to add your preference in trucks, wheels, hardware and bearings to make it 100% your own.

Most of all and perhaps the best part about the blank decks here are Social is their amazingly low prices. The low prices of these blank decks make them the most economic option on the market. Our membership discounts drop those prices even lower and with free shipping on all order over $75 it simply does not get much better. Browse through all of our available blank decks today.


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