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This is New Rayne

This is New Rayne


The dark clouds of winter have passed but they have left us with some new rain.... or should we say Rayne! The already outstanding shapes and designs on Rayne's lineup just keeps getting better. This year they have updated their graphics and made a few improving tweaks to their shapes. Personally I have loved the feel of every Rayne board I have every tried. Their unique construction not only provides for durability and strength but for durability and strength at a low weight. Here at Social we offer not only just decks and completes from Rayne but also a great selection of their other products such as their wheels, risers and gloves.

This form of construction that sets Rayne apart from other companies is what they call "fat bottom" construction. "Fat bottom" construction was introduced just two years ago in 2013, first with the avenger. Boards, like the Savage shown here,  with a fat bottom construction feature a thick bamboo core going down the middle of the deck that tapers off towards the edges where wider layers of bamboo are then applied. The result is a thinner and lighter board, as well as providing for more wheel clearance.

Rayne has far too many boards this year to name them all but long time favorites since their release have been Patrick Switzer's pro models and Douglas Dalua's models. Switzer's pro models include Fortune and Misfortune, we currently offer that deck with the new graphics in addition to the old style graphics. Dalua's pro models include the Amazon and my personal favorite and go to board the Piranha.

My Rayne Piranha is currently set-up with some black Ronin trucks, super coarse grip, rush ceramics and some Abec 11 Flashbacks. This set-up can never go wrong and would be a great recommended set-up on any of these Rayne decks. Feel free to comment/ask below about any set-up recommendations for Rayne decks or any other decks you may have. Until next time skate Social, skate Rayne and skate hard!

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