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The Slick Ryan Ricker Pro Model by Gravity

The Slick Ryan Ricker Pro Model by Gravity


New for 2014 and available now at Social Skateboarding is the Slick Ricker 35. The Ricker is the Pro Model of Gravity rider Ryan Ricker. Ryan Ricker has combined his roots in New Mexico with his vast experience in the industry to bring one of the best pro models we have seen in a while. The aggressive shape makes this new Gravity deck a well-balanced top mount board perfect for downhill, freeride and just about anything you can throw at it. It come in with a length of 35.125", a width of 9.5" and optional wheelbases from 24.5" - 26.5".

The Ricker's compact shape makes it quick and nimble for everyone's favorite roads, races and hills. It was designed with a functional, proportionate, directional shape with gas pedals in the rear to provide extra leverage on cornering and on the pesky toe-side slides. There is just a hint of rocker and consistent mellow W concave that runs throughout the board. The standing platform is not only comfortable under your feet but nice and solid constructed with 8 plies of hardrock maple. Graphics represent Ryan Ricker’s roots making it so hot it emulates the heat of the New Mexico sun.

You have two options when it comes to getting the Gravity Ricker here at Social. It is available as a compete or the deck alone. The deck alone is at a great price, well under $100 and even more with our everyday member discounts. If you haven't joined Social already be sure to do so, not only is it free but you get discounts to drop our prices even further.

The second option is the complete, which comes in well under $200. The complete is setup with Raw Randarl 180mm Trucks, Gravity's own ABEC 5 rated bearings, lightweight 3/8" risers and Orange Gravity Wheels.  To check out our current availability and get your own Slick Ricker at the unbelievable low price we always offer,
click here and until next time Skate Connected!

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