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The Mini Ozones Have Slid Our Way


Cloud Ride Ozone wheels were created to be the ultimate centerset freeride wheel – Mini Ozones continue that tradition in a smaller, lighter weight design. This wheel is great for sliding and small enough to ride on that “Skate Everything” set up. Center Set core ensures an even wear pattern and consistent support for buttery slides like you won’t believe. As always these wheels dump thane and leave that every-so satisfying Cloud Ride thane line. This wheels is the perfect freeride wheel to lay down buttery slides from the 1st slide to the core.

I don't need to get into all the details about these wheels, that's what the video is for. While I am yet to get a set of minis on my setup I am not unfamiliar with the 70mm Cloud Ride! Ozones. The Ozones are perhaps the best and at minimum one of the best wheels I have ever used. Since they come stone ground they will start sliding before you can even get them mounted on your Trucks. I have used them on a variety of setups from a DB Lunchtray to a Deville Interstate and a Landyachtz Wolfshark to a Comet Pagan. Each and every time I got those Ozones under my feet on any deck they did not disappoint.
Personally I am stoked on the minis as this will allow me to leave my Trucks a little bit looser on my topmount decks where I have had to be careful of wheel bite in the past. Even better is the price, they are right where anyone wants to see their next set of wheels so don't miss out on your chance to get a set from Social today! I will even throw in a little plug on the Cloud Ride bearings. I have also been every impressed by these bearings, so much that I think three of my boards are currently sporting Cloud Ride bearings. Just like the Ozones these bearings are ready to go and quick right from the box. Like many higher quality bearings they have removable rubber shields for easy maintenance and cleaning, a huge plus in my book.

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As usual comment below and feel free to ask any questions you may have and check out what Cloud Ride! and Social Skateboarding has to offer you and the skate nation today!

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