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New Product from Seismic

New Product from Seismic


Innovation is what makes the biggest difference from one company to the next. When it comes to trucks, innovation is all around us and Seismic is right in front of the crowd with their new Aeon trucks. These reverse kingpin trucks have many new features that make them standout from the rest of the competition. Seicmic is calling them a revolution in RKP tech and we would indeed agree.

The Aeon Trucks are offered in two different baseplate angles, 30 and 45 degrees, The silver baseplates easily identify the 45 degree option and the gold identify the 30. Not only are these baseplates unique but the axle comes in two different options also. Axles are available in both solid and hollow. Why hollow you might ask... hollow axles provide for consistent strength while reducing the overall weight on the trucks.

Lastly the thing that really makes these trucks unique is Seismic's new hexagonal shaped bushings with locking notches for added stability. These bushings are unique to the Aeon trucks and combine everything that is good about all other bushings into a single set available in a variety of durometers. Their design provides for a large turning range with a sweet dive and quick return to center.

Check out these new trucks from Seismic and get them under your feet and on your board today! While you are at it also check out the complete line of Seismic products available here at Social including Seismic bearings, wheels, grips and accessories.

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