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Lush Longboards from The UK To Your Front Door


Here at Social Skateboarding we are always on the hunt for new products to offer and boy have we got something new to offer you. Straight from th UK and eventually arriving at your front door with Social's everyday low prices is Lush Longboards in all their glory! Lush Longboards is a skater owned and skater run based longboard manufacturer from the UK. They first started cutting decks in a back garden in 1999, and with those boards they've been running longboard freeride, freestyle and downhill events since 2001.

From the beginning Lush has seen longboards as an excuse to get out there and see more of the world… hence the Lush tagline – live.. skate.. travel. Part of the Lush mission is to help you utilize that same excuse, to use Lush Longboards to live, skate and travel all around the world.
With over 15 years of making longboard decks they've moved from vacuum bags, PVA, birch and jigsaws to hydraulic presses, epoxy, maple, fiberglass  and CNC routers. Everyone at Lush skates so there is nothing but a huge amount of skateboard knowledge gained during this time - it’s this hard-won knowledge but you can feel it and see it in their decks.

All of the Lush decks have some of the best and finest features that make them a competitor in the worldwide longboard/skateboard market. For today's product feature we take a look at the Lush Mission, a stubby topmount speed/freeride board. With a similar shape and form to the other topmounts from Lush- the Shocker, Antuna and Vandella, they've shortened the wheelbase and added a tail for extra versatility. With a little rocker for feel, an adjustable wheelbase, 8ply Canadian Maple for stiffness and strength and dual TKP/RKP wheel wells, you can do just about anything on the Lush Mission.

Built as a Complete from Lush, the Mission comes loaded with Sabre 190mm trucks and color-matched Cult Classic Wheels. Be sure to check out the Lush Mission product availability today along with the rest of the Lush fleet we have available. Just like with all products here at Social they are priced at everyday low prices with even bigger discounts for our members. Membership is free and the more you shop and participate the bigger the discounts. Till next time Skate Social!


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