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How to Stop Your Longboard


Looking for a few tips and pointers? Check this out, How to Stop Your Longboard brought to you by Deville Skateboards. Chris McCurey and Jason Bither take us through the best ways to stop your longboard safely. These skills are essential to any downhill longboarding so listen up and learn your stuff. They take us the the beautiful hills of Phoenix where they first show us is the footbrake followed by a toeside pendulum slide and then a heelside pendulum slide.

Also don't forget to check out all of our Deville decks, completes and wheels available here at Social. In addition to Deville's great products we also have their sister company's trucks in stock, Navigator trucks. Both Deville and Navigator products sell out quick so make sure you get yours soon.

Being that Deville was once based out of my home state Arizona, I have ridden my fair share of their decks, wheel, bearings and Navigator trucks and I love each and every one of them. Their decks are constructed with high quality maple and their newer decks come pre-gripped with vicious grip tape. Their products are long lasting and if they can withstand sessions in the 110 degree heat of the valley of the son they can handle whatever test you put them through.


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