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Dont Lose Your Girl Marbles

Don't Lose Your Girl Marbles


Hope it's been another great week for all the Social boarders out there and it's time to get some advice. Every once in a while we well, have moments of complete craziness and well insanity. Those are the time when we need to grab our boards, head out the door and let our craziness take us beyond the ridiculous limits we face. Girl Skateboards have just got us something new to help with those times when that old lady walking down the street looks at you shredding it and says "that dude has lost his marbles."

We here at social would like to advise you to lose those marbles and go crazy out there this week. While you are going through your craziness though, don't lose your Girl Marbles. What the heck are Girl Marbles you might ask... No I am not trying to make some sort of sexual innuendo, I am talking about Girl Skateboards' newest line of decks. To help you along your way to crazy Girl partnered up with pros like Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Guy Mariano and more to develop the 10 new decks as part of the Girl Marbles deck series.

These Girl skateboard decks are built to last with high-quality materials, solid 7 ply maple construction and awesome marbleized graphic decks. With widths ranging from 7.5-8.5 there is a deck that fits your insanity perfectly. Not only do the widths vary but obviously the graphics do too. And while we are at it we want to shoot some wheel suggestions at ya too. Girl Scabs aren't guaranteed to prevent future scabage but they will most certainly aid you and your crazy side both on these Girl Marble decks and any other deck and set of trucks you throw them on.

These Girl Scabs are the essential wheel in your set for around the clock ripping. They have a very consistent 101a durometer in sizes 50mm, 51mm and 52mm. Well we gotta take off cause all this crazy talk is making us crazy to get out and try these Girl Marbles. Till next time, Skate Social, Skate Crazy and Don't Lose Your Girl Marbles.


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