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Bustin 2015

Bustin 2015


With the weather heating up the boards designers across the planet are coming out of their caves to show the world just what they have been working on during the long winter hibernation. Not a rare sighting as we reach spring is Bustin Board's new lineup. Now available here at Social Skateboarding is Bustin's 2015 lineup in all it's glory, style and innovation at the best prices around. Don't forget to join the Social Skateboarding nation to get your free and huge discounts that only get bigger the more you participate, purchase and refer.

While there is a wide array of new offerings and popular favorites in this year's lineup from Bustin we cannot be amiss to recognize the graphics on this years line-up. Take a gander through all of their boards many of which are upgrades to models from previous years but some of the coolest upgrades are in the graphics. Check out the "Evil Duck" from Colby Snyder one of our favorites featured on the Maestro series from Bustin.

In addition to our love of their new graphics we have always loved the top sellers and rider favorites from Bustin Boards, including one of my personal favorites the Sportster. The Sportster was introduced years ago and each year it just keeps getting better and better. Offered in both their standard 36" design and also the mini 33" design the Sportster is the go to, do it all, take on everything deck.

The entire Sportster family mini included has been dialed in to perfection. The rocker and drop platform were a touched up to get a little more clearance, while maintaining the 0-Degree wedging that makes the board so freaking functional despite the comfortable low ride height. Add to that yet another flossy new graphic by the one and only Colby Snyder and the Sportster is all new yet keeps that same great feel that has made it not just my personal favorite but the favorite of so many others.

It is because of it's design that the Sportster is one of the most popular boards on the market today. With the intention to the the Swiss army knife of longboards the Sportster designers set out and succeeded to make a board capable of most everything. Each year the Sportster line imporves and continues to be the one true Swiss army knife of longboard decks. These boards along with all of Bustin's boards tend to sellout fast so don't miss your chance to get yours today.



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  • Smith
     10/3/2018 4:15:14 AM
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  • Smith
     10/3/2018 4:15:02 AM
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  • MatthewGlenHill
     4/30/2015 11:22:07 AM
    That green board is the Sportster, one of my favorite decks of all time! I would highly highly highly recommend it!
  • hilkenbru
     4/28/2015 5:48:10 PM
    dope graphics. that green board is pure steez